Episode 43

Episode 42

Episode 41: All of the Coordinating Turkish Spindles

Episode 40

Episode 39: New York and Pom Poms

Episode 36: Eve of Halloween Eve Shenanigans 

Episode 35

Episode 34: NASA!

Episode 33: Random Awkwardness

New Items:

Kelly: Enid Ashcroft Spindle, Phone Case, Popsocket

Finished Objects:

Kelly: Hogwarts Baby Blanket

Works in Progress:

Sandy: Plying, Felici Socks

Kelly: Spinning, Felici Socks


Sandy:  The Curse of Sleeping Beauty (Netflix told her to watch it)

Kelly: Finished Gilmore Girls, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Bendis/Maleev run of Daredevil




Episode 32: Kelly Met Daredevil

New Items:

Sandy: Arm Update

Kelly: Decals from Dimension Decals

Finished Objects:

Kelly: Felici Socks in the Sunset colorway

Works in Progress:

Sandy: Spinning, Felici Sock in the Firefighter colorway

Kelly: Felici Socks (Marsh colorway), Hogwarts Baby Blanket, Spinning (Into the Whirled “Scissors, Lizard, Spock” on a Turtlemade Spindle)


Sandy: Outlander books, Marvel One Shots

Kelly: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Gilmore Girls

Sandy talked about her recent snorkeling trip.

Kelly talked about Tampa Bay Comic Con and Charlie Cox!