And The Grays Have It

Last time I said I would get into my ongoing projects and I think that I have all of them.  I recently moved and well have not finished organizing….well anything.  Of course that has not stopped me from casting on a new project or 3.

We will first start with the pretty much finished project of a cowl that is for my adopted soldiers.  his is not a fun color; but, I am restricted on what I can send to them and have it be useful.  It is made out of Patons Classic wool in a color I don’t remember.  It is some sort of warm gray.  This is a pattern I came up with and well haven’t written down anywhere yet.  I made it long enough to cover the neck to the ears/nose.  To go with the cowl there are fingerless gloves that are not pictured.  I have about a million of ends to weave in and a wash before I can call this finished.

I am seeing a theme here.  A while ago I cast on twisted flowers socks by Cookie A in a warm gray patons sock yarn.  I am a bit further down  than this.  Actually almost through the leg which was two repeats of the pattern shown.  So far I love knitting them.  I only see one issue and that is the leg.  I have not tried them on but they might not fit around my calves.  If that is the case then I will need to find homes for them.  I might end up making the foot a little shorter and gift them to my sister.  This will be decided once I am on the foot.

Now I wont bore you with all of my WIPs.  There are quite a few blankets I have started and are in time out so they have not gotten photographed.  I have at least 3 baby blankets.  Don’t ask me about them because it has been a while that I would not be able to tell you much.  Two of them are crocheted and the third is knit and quite cabley.  I like the pattern I was quite tired of the color.  I have my wonderful sock yarn mitered square blanket that I will be working on for ever.  A few blankets that I don’t think I will ever finish.  I am working on a crocheted blanket that is not technically mine.  My supervisor’s grandmother passed away a year or so ago.  Since I knit and crochet her stash of 70’s acrylic and half-finished projects were given to me.  I re-purposed a granny square blanket that she started but did not have enough yarn to finish into a large cowl.  Of course I did not get a photo of it.  I have been working on and off on a blue crocheted blanket.

My hexiflat worsted weight is slow and coming.  I have not taken a new photo because I have a bunch of hexiflats that need to be added to it.

I also began unpacking my yarn!  I have an “extra” closet in my hallway where I decided it would be great to store my yarn.  I have picked up a bunch of the fabric boxes and well decided that I need a few more.  I think I need to reinforce the shelves before I add anymore books.


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