I  am just so happy I need to share.  My never ending leg on the Twisted Flower socks has come to a completion.  The heels have been turned and I am about 1/4 of the way through the pattern for the foot.  This photo was right after the heel was turned and I was working on the decreases.  I am probably going to have to put these socks down until the weekend and work on my plain stockinette socks.  I don’t have a recent photo of those.  I am working toe up with an afterthought heel and have just pasted the heel mark.  I put in the heel marker the other night when Josh and I were having the movie portion of our date night.  First time I had seen The Abyss.
Last week Kelly and I went to our local pet store for Pet Easter Bunny Photos.  My 7 month old German Shepherd Bloodhound is not the best at photographing when you want him to do something…i.e. sit in front of the bunny and look at the camera.  He was so distracted by all the other dogs and the kid creeping closer with his dog asking me about Klaus.  After what felt like a lifetime there were two okay photos which he wasn’t looking at the camera.  At least it wasn’t showing him gnawing on the foot of the bunny.



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