Episode 8 – Rocky, The Terminator, and Dinosaurs! Oh My! (or Flashing Back in Time)

We’ve been busy these past few weeks. Kelly returned from her weekend of workshops at Silent Weekend and has recuperated from the experience. Once Kelly was back home, she and Sandy got back into their boxing routine (although Sandy was good and continued to go while Kelly was out of town).

Kelly received her new Modular Spindle from Akerworks and is practicing with it. She tried it as a top whorl spindle, but she prefers to use a bottom whorl. She will report more on how it spins in a future episode.

Sandy had nothing new to show in this episode, but she is plying her Greenwoods Fiberworks Calypso on her turkish spindle. She is also working on her Chevron Cowl in Whisper Lace in the Alhambra colorway.

Kelly spun a bit of her Hobbledehoy fiber in the Smooth Sailing Colorway on her turkish spindle. Other than that and adding a few repeats on her Miss Winkle shawl, she hasn’t done a lot lately.

Sandy had a finished object! Her Morvarch shawl that she was knitting out of her handspun is done and it is gorgeous!

Kelly and Sandy went a bit old school in their movie watching during the week. Kelly finally watched Rocky (the first one) and Sandy watched The Terminator. They both saw Jurassic World over the holiday weekend.


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