Episode 9 – Sandy is Not Prepared

Episode 9 finds 2KraftyStitches right after about 2 hours of working out at the gym. They also realized that they did not read the calendar correctly last week, and they should have recorded a week ago. So here they are, totally improvising a short episode!

In new items, Kelly received her July 2015 shipment from the Moonrover Fiber Club.

As for finished objects, Sandy had several, but they were not all with her. Her Morvarch shawl has been blocked, but she left it in her car. Her spinning was at home hanging up to dry. We should see these 2 objects in a future episode. She did bring the chevron cowl she finished out of Whisper Lace and it is gorgeous!

Moving on to works in progress, Kelly has finally pulled her Miss Winkle shawl out of hibernation and worked quite a bit on it. She says she will be done with it by the next time they record. Sandy is almost finished with a pair of socks she is creating out of Patons Kroy FX in the Cascade color. She is starting a Hitchhiker shawl out of some Yarn Pirate sock club yarn in the Sweet Pea colorway.

Kelly and Sandy discussed a few sock patterns, notably Spring Forward, which is a free pattern and they highly recommend.

Kelly and Sandy also talked about preparing for Stitch ‘n’ Pitch at the Rays game. They were going to attend a tailgate and Kelly made S’mores Krispie Treats.

See you next time!


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