Episode 11 – Never Ending Cycle of Mediocrity

Kelly and Sandy are back on schedule with recording this week! They have had quite a busy time these past 2 weeks.

Sandy did not have any new items to share, but Kelly had more than enough to make up for that! Kelly received her order of Daredevil felt dolls from Animinis and they are adorable. She also received her August 2015 shipment from the Moonrover Fiber Club which is so gorgeous and Sandy wanted to steal it. Finally, Kelly got in an order from TurtleMade Spindles. She ordered a standard sized one and also a nano to use at work during her lunch break.

Kelly has been working on her chevron cowl in Quaere Fibre Patchwork yarn. Sandy has been working on her Hitchhiker Shawl in her Yarn Pirate Sweet Pea colorway.

As for finished objects, Sandy has made a beanie for a trainer at the boxing gym. She even incorporated the logo for his fitness company, Camp Gladiator. The beanie was made out of wool. She might have to make a back up beanie in acrylic for easier washing care.

Sandy and Kelly also had a huge conversation about the TV shows they are currently watching, and then they moved on to a discussion of literature they were required to read in high school.

See you all again in 2 weeks!!


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