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Episode 36: Eve of Halloween Eve Shenanigans 


Episode 35

Episode 34: NASA!

Episode 33: Random Awkwardness

New Items:

Kelly: Enid Ashcroft Spindle, Phone Case, Popsocket

Finished Objects:

Kelly: Hogwarts Baby Blanket

Works in Progress:

Sandy: Plying, Felici Socks

Kelly: Spinning, Felici Socks


Sandy:  The Curse of Sleeping Beauty (Netflix told her to watch it)

Kelly: Finished Gilmore Girls, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Bendis/Maleev run of Daredevil




Episode 32: Kelly Met Daredevil

New Items:

Sandy: Arm Update

Kelly: Decals from Dimension Decals

Finished Objects:

Kelly: Felici Socks in the Sunset colorway

Works in Progress:

Sandy: Spinning, Felici Sock in the Firefighter colorway

Kelly: Felici Socks (Marsh colorway), Hogwarts Baby Blanket, Spinning (Into the Whirled “Scissors, Lizard, Spock” on a Turtlemade Spindle)


Sandy: Outlander books, Marvel One Shots

Kelly: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Gilmore Girls

Sandy talked about her recent snorkeling trip.

Kelly talked about Tampa Bay Comic Con and Charlie Cox!




Episode 31- Color Coordinated Outfits and Knitting Projects


New Items:

Kelly: Tour de Fleece fiber from Three Waters FarmTurtlemade Spindles, Kerrymade Spindle

Finished Objects:

Sandy: Green Zebra baby sweater

Kelly: Yarn Geek Fibers BFL and Sparkle, NaturallyKnitty Nestlets

Works in Progress:

Sandy: Manoa Socks, Felici Socks

Kelly: Felici Sock


Sandy: Finished Outlander Voyager, Wall-E

Kelly: Finished Game of Thrones, Independence Day Resurgence, Halfway through season 5 of Gilmore Girls

BBQ Chicken Pasta Bake recipe


Episode 30 – Reduncancy and Rolling Eyes


New Items:


Knit Picks Felici New Colors

Finished Objects:

Kelly’s Felici Socks

Sandy’s Clapotis and a Felici Sock

Sandy’s DPN holders

Works in Progress:

Sandy – Felici Sock and Manoa Socks in Premier Yarns (Woodsy Green)
Kelly – KnittyandColor spinning on a 45 Spindle and stored in a Sistema Cracker Container

Sandy –  Knittyspin article about worsted vs woolen spinning, Better Call Saul, Outlander books

Kelly – Smooth Operator sock pattern, Gilmore Girls, Now You See Me 2, Scream the TV Series

Episode 29: Fight or Flight


New Items:

Ultra Bag from Eat Sleep Knit

Loot Crate

Finished Objects:


Kelly’s Sock Yarn Hexagon Blanket

Works in Progress:

Sandy – Clapotis (in garter stitch) and Knit Picks Felici Sock

Kelly – Knit Picks Felici socks in the Boardwalk color way and a new Scrap Sock Yarn Blanket using a pattern from Purl Soho


Kelly – The Tony Awards, Waitress

Episode 28 – Eye Searing


New Items:

French Spindle

Thoroughly Thwacked fiber (Camo Girl colorway) from A Good Yarn Sarasota

Finished Objects:

Sandy’s Opal Socks

Kelly’s Patons Socks

Kelly’s Lazy Hiker in Zen Yarn Garden Serenity 20 from Four Purls (Kelly used some sock soap from Tuft Woolens when she blocked it)

Works in Progress:

Sandy – Log Cabin Blanket and Vanilla Bean Socks in Knit Picks Felici (Firefighter colorway)

Kelly – Knit Picks Felici socks in the Boardwalk colorway


Sandy – Predator, Predator 2, Alien, Aliens, The Godfather, The Martian, The Intern, Game of Thrones

Kelly – getting ready to watch The Tony Awards


Episode 27 – Happy Memorial Day

In  this episode, Kelly is still working on a pair of socks for her mom. She is almost done with her Lazy Hiker Wrap.

Kelly caught a Hello Yarn update and also showed off a new Tardis project bag from Yarntasia.

Sandy is working on a sock and has started a garter stitch Clapotis.

Sandy also shared a bunch of new patterns she wants to make once her arm is healed. Here they are:


Chance of Snow

The Duck Hat

Save the Baby Whales


Broken Wings



Chimney Fire


Also here is the Craft Beer Project Bag on etsy.

See you all again in 2 weeks!