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Episode 16 – Happy Friendsgiving and Fallout Fridows

Since we have been slackers with the show notes the last few episodes we are working on them during our post recording knitting time!  

Kelly received her Moonrover fiber club November 2015 and as we say EVERY month, it is gorgeous.  Kelly purchased the Hauteknit yarn in the “Eye of the Tiger” colorway for both herself and Sandy.  Sandy received her order from ForbesFiberFarms of BFL fiber in the “Fire-Fluffy” colorway.

Kelly is almost halfway through the Moonrover October 2015 club colorway on her Turlemade spindle.  She is also working on her never ending chevron cowl made from the Quaere fibre in the patchwork colorway.  Sandy has just started a pair of socks in an unknown colorway.  But we do know it is sock yarn!

Kelly finished the Hobbledehoy fiber in the Smooth Sailing Colorway on her Turtlemade turkish spindle.  She also finished the belated birthday gift, One Row Handspun Scarf out of Patons Colorwul in the meadow colorway.

Sandy finished a pair of baby socks in the lion brand sock ease in the rock candy colorway.

Kelly finished the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer.  Both of us have really been slacking on all TV viewing.  Sandy has been sucked into the world of Fallout 4.  And as Kelly said there are lots of Fallout Widows.  After the episode Sandy determined the friend version of the Fallout Widow is the Fallout Fridow.  Sandy is about halfway through the Infinity Lost (The Infinity Trilogy Book 1) by S. Harrison.

FYI – This is the photo that the screen switched to about 18 minutes into recording.  After much thought, Sandy determined that this is a photo of the table from the hotel she was staying at this week.  She has no idea who took this photo or when it was taken.



Episode 11 – Never Ending Cycle of Mediocrity

Kelly and Sandy are back on schedule with recording this week! They have had quite a busy time these past 2 weeks.

Sandy did not have any new items to share, but Kelly had more than enough to make up for that! Kelly received her order of Daredevil felt dolls from Animinis and they are adorable. She also received her August 2015 shipment from the Moonrover Fiber Club which is so gorgeous and Sandy wanted to steal it. Finally, Kelly got in an order from TurtleMade Spindles. She ordered a standard sized one and also a nano to use at work during her lunch break.

Kelly has been working on her chevron cowl in Quaere Fibre Patchwork yarn. Sandy has been working on her Hitchhiker Shawl in her Yarn Pirate Sweet Pea colorway.

As for finished objects, Sandy has made a beanie for a trainer at the boxing gym. She even incorporated the logo for his fitness company, Camp Gladiator. The beanie was made out of wool. She might have to make a back up beanie in acrylic for easier washing care.

Sandy and Kelly also had a huge conversation about the TV shows they are currently watching, and then they moved on to a discussion of literature they were required to read in high school.

See you all again in 2 weeks!!

Episode 10 – Untitled

Kelly and Sandy have been very busy and slackers all at the same time. They totally forgot to post this episode to the blog (even though it is on YouTube) and never did show notes, so here we go!

2 Krafty Stitches went to Stitch ‘n’ Pitch which was sponsored this year by Stash St Pete. They had a lovely time at the pregame potluck brunch and they each received a pretty awesome goodie bag! Also included with their tickets were either a tote bag or a hat from the Tampa Bay Rays. Even though their team lost, they had a wonderful time!

Prior to recording this episode, Kelly and Sandy taste-tested some Not Your Father’s Root Beer. They were not too impressed. Kelly thinks it might taste better as a root beer float.

The week before this episode was recorded, Kelly and Sandy attended a very good production of “Mame” at freeFall Theatre.

As for new purchases, Sandy bought a skein of yarn from Stash. It is the Ancient Art Yarns in the German Shephard colorway. Kelly purchased a bright green skein of The Fiber Seed Sprout yarn.

Works in Progress:

Kelly is working on a chevron cowl based on the one that Sandy made a few weeks ago. She is using Quaere Fibre in the Patchwork colorway. Sandy is working on a Hitchhiker in Yarn Pirate Sweet Pea club colorway from the April 09 Booty Club. She is spinning BFL from The Great Adirondack Yarn Company in the Amethyst colorway.

Kelly finished the knitting portion of her Miss Winkle Shawlette. Sandy finished her Morvarch Shawl, some baby socks, potholders, and spinning her Greenwoods Fiberworks wool.

Kelly has been (kind of) reading “A Cuckoo’s Calling” by Robert Galbraith. She also saw the movie “Southpaw” because everything is now boxing. Sandy is reading “A Killing Frost” by John Marsden.

Episode 9 – Sandy is Not Prepared

Episode 9 finds 2KraftyStitches right after about 2 hours of working out at the gym. They also realized that they did not read the calendar correctly last week, and they should have recorded a week ago. So here they are, totally improvising a short episode!

In new items, Kelly received her July 2015 shipment from the Moonrover Fiber Club.

As for finished objects, Sandy had several, but they were not all with her. Her Morvarch shawl has been blocked, but she left it in her car. Her spinning was at home hanging up to dry. We should see these 2 objects in a future episode. She did bring the chevron cowl she finished out of Whisper Lace and it is gorgeous!

Moving on to works in progress, Kelly has finally pulled her Miss Winkle shawl out of hibernation and worked quite a bit on it. She says she will be done with it by the next time they record. Sandy is almost finished with a pair of socks she is creating out of Patons Kroy FX in the Cascade color. She is starting a Hitchhiker shawl out of some Yarn Pirate sock club yarn in the Sweet Pea colorway.

Kelly and Sandy discussed a few sock patterns, notably Spring Forward, which is a free pattern and they highly recommend.

Kelly and Sandy also talked about preparing for Stitch ‘n’ Pitch at the Rays game. They were going to attend a tailgate and Kelly made S’mores Krispie Treats.

See you next time!

Episode 8 – Rocky, The Terminator, and Dinosaurs! Oh My! (or Flashing Back in Time)

We’ve been busy these past few weeks. Kelly returned from her weekend of workshops at Silent Weekend and has recuperated from the experience. Once Kelly was back home, she and Sandy got back into their boxing routine (although Sandy was good and continued to go while Kelly was out of town).

Kelly received her new Modular Spindle from Akerworks and is practicing with it. She tried it as a top whorl spindle, but she prefers to use a bottom whorl. She will report more on how it spins in a future episode.

Sandy had nothing new to show in this episode, but she is plying her Greenwoods Fiberworks Calypso on her turkish spindle. She is also working on her Chevron Cowl in Whisper Lace in the Alhambra colorway.

Kelly spun a bit of her Hobbledehoy fiber in the Smooth Sailing Colorway on her turkish spindle. Other than that and adding a few repeats on her Miss Winkle shawl, she hasn’t done a lot lately.

Sandy had a finished object! Her Morvarch shawl that she was knitting out of her handspun is done and it is gorgeous!

Kelly and Sandy went a bit old school in their movie watching during the week. Kelly finally watched Rocky (the first one) and Sandy watched The Terminator. They both saw Jurassic World over the holiday weekend.

Episode 7 – We are Boxing Knitters!

Since the last episode, we were featured on!  Last Saturday, we visited Stash in St. Petersburg where they were having their WWKIP Day.  We also joined Title Boxing Club.

Kelly showed a lot if new items.  She received her June 2015 Moonrover Fiber Club, Another Crafty Girl sock yarn in the “Gamut” colorway, and Nomadic Yarns sock yarn in the “Beefsquatch” colorway.

We both received the Ply Magazine.  While we were at Stash, Kelly bought Malabrigo Sock yarn in the “Impressionist’s Sky” colorway.  Sandy and Kelly both purchased yarn Abracadabra by Hikoo, which is a UV color changing yarn.  Sandy purchased the “Natural to Pink” colorway and Kelly purchased the “Natural to Purple” colorway.

Kelly recently began spinning Hobbledhoy fiber in the “smooth sailing” colorway.  Sandy is working on the Morvarch Shawl in her hand spun and chevron cowl using the Whisper Lace yarn in the Alhambra colorway.

Kelly finshed the Daniel Diagonal Striped Cowl from the Moonrover Doctor Who polwarth handspun.  Sandy attempted to dye wool with Kool Aid using the tie dye method with direction from Knitty.  The yarn can be found here.

Episode 5 – A Bounty of Cliffhangers (or Bear Friends Forever!)

Kelly received her May 2015 Moonrover club shipment.  Proceed with caution if you are in the club and have not received it yet.  She also acquired a new skein of sock yarn from The Lemonade Shop in the “Bad Day” colorway.

Kelly is on her SECOND sock made from KnitPicks in the “Building Blocks” colorway.  She has restarted the Miss Winkle shawlette  in the CuppyCake Yarnz in the “Rainbow Dash” colorway.  The also started a new spinning project with fiber from Hobbledehoy in the “Smooth Sailing” colorway.

Sandy is on the final steps of the Cozy Cocoon Shrug by Knit Picks  Shadow and Wool of the Andes.  Not a lot of progress has been made on the Morvarch Shawl.

Kelly has finished spinning her Moonrover fiber in a doctor who colorway and it is currently drying.  We will get to see the finished yarn in the next episode.

Kelly has started reading All the Light We Can Not See by Anthony Doerr.  Sandy is about halfway through The Golden Compass in the His Dark Materials series by Philip Pullman which is all about bear friends.

Episode 4 – Extry Gray

Episode 4 is up and is EXPLODING with Gray!  Last week Kelly went to Free Comic Book Day at Heroes Haven and got a slew of comic books.  Sandy reviewed the Celtic Cable Shawls book by Lucy Hague.

Kelly is working on MoonRover spinning, her Knit Picks socks, and picked up her Martina Behm Miss Winkle shawlette WIP out of CuppyCake Yarnz in the Rainbow Dash colorway.

Sandy is working on the Cozy Cocoon Shrug by Knit Picks out of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Gray and Shadow in Gray.  She also cast on the Morvarch Shawl from the Celtic Cable Shawls book out of gray hand spun.

Kelly finished her Skew socks out of MustStash Yarns in the Sesame colorway.

Sandy finished the plain sock out of Patons Kroy in the blue striped raggs colorway.  She has also added a few more worsted weight hexiflats to her blanket.

Kelly finished Daredevil season 1 and has no idea what to watch next!!  She has started reading The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins, Things Fall Apart by  Chinua Achebe, and Daredevil Born Again by Frank Miller.

Sandy finished the first Outlander book by Diana Gabaldon and Delirum by Lauren Oliver.  She has started the Maze Runner series by James Dashner  with what she wasinformed  was book 0 The Kill Order.  Apparently it is the wrap up book.

We also started a Raverly Group!

Episode 3 – Geekfest 2015

Episode 3 is up and showing all of its geekiness.  Kelly has received the April package for Moonrover Fiber Club.  The spoiler is that it is BEAUTIFUL!  Kelly also has a new Doctor Who comic book.  Sandy stopped off at Eat Sleep Knit in Atlanta and purchased Madelinetosh Twist Light in the Shire colorway and Handmaiden Fine Yarn Casbah Sock in the Sangria colorway.  She completely forgot to mention the awesome scratch offs that Eat Sleep Knit give out with your purchase.

Kelly’s works in progress are the same as last weeks…BUT now include the Crackerjack Infinity Scarf out of Simply Soft and Red Heart Soft Baby.  Kelly is constructing the scarf in the Tampa Bay Rays colors : Navy, Light Blue, White, and Yellow.  Sandy is working on the Patons toe up sock and is almost halfway done spinning the Greenwoods Fiberworks in the Calypso colorway.  This is being spun as 2 ply fractal on the turkish spindle.

We will skip over Kelly’s finished objects (to much DareDevil and school work) to Sandy’s.  Sandy finished the All for One Cap (AKA Flame Hat).  It will be in the hands of its recipient within the week.

Both Sandy and Kelly have finished the Broadchurch season…..spoilers for it are at the end.  They have also started listening to the Undisclosed podcast which is a spin off of the Serial podcast.  Kelly finished the book Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See.  Kelly completely geeked out on Marvel’s DareDevil (on Netflix – and it’s been renewed for a second season!) and the other superhero shows and comic books.  I mean Completely!  Sandy is almost done with the Delirium book and is at least a third of the way through the first Outlander book.

Happy Crafting!!

Episode 2 – I could be wrong, but….

This episode could also be called yes.  Since there has been a tad bit of technical issues with the audio, we have held off on posting the show notes.

In this episode Kelly talks about her recently acquired the new Spin-Off Magazine and the Ply Magazine.  Sandy still believe the sheep on the cover is a rabbit.  Kelly has been using a bar of sock soap from Tuftwoolens.

Kelly has finished one of her Sesame Street Skew Socks.  Sandy has finished the skew socks out of Patons in blue stripe raggs and the Daniel a Diagonally Striped Cowl by Ursula Lasser in my Edgewood Gardens – Life’s Ups and Down

Works in progress for Kelly is her second skew sock, the podcast sock knitting in Knit Picks Felici in the Building Blocks colorway, and spinning of Naturally Knitty fiber in the Melted Nerds colorway, and the Doctor Who Moonrover fiber.  the doctor who spinning is stored in a coordinated project bag from the Fat Squirrel.  Sandy is not actively working on any of her blankets.  Sandy has started a One for All Cap (AKA Flame Hat) by Tullia Salmela in Red Heart Softs.  On her turkish spindle she is working on The Greenwoods Fiberworks Calypso.